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Old warriors never die. They just wait for the perfect moment to storm the walls all over again! One of the most keenly anticipated returns in living memory, Desolation Angels’ new album "King" will be released via Dissonance Productions. A blistering tour-de-force of everything that made the band so electrifying first time round, bolstered by a fat dose of contemporary belligerence, it’s the kind of unrelenting heavy metal blitzkrieg that promises to increase national neck-brace manufacture tenfold. Make no mistake, Desolation Angels are back and hell-bent on conquering all.

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1. Doomsday

2. Another turn of the screw

3. Devil sent

4. Rotten to the core

5. Your blackened heart

6. Find your life

7. Hellfire

8. Sky of pain

9. My demon inside