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Post #12 - December 2017:

Dissonance Productions - The Train Rolls On!

Post #11 - November 2017:

Post #10 - November 2017:

MARCH Friday 23rd 2018 (FREE ENTRY)

The Devonshire Arms (Camden London UK)

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Post #09 - September 2017:

Desolation Angels sign with Dissonance Productions for the worldwide distribution of their KING album.

The KING production is set to be released with an updated cover, and to come out on CD, and vinyl formats.


Post 08 August 2017:

Desolation Angels CD KING is now available across all worldwide digital outlets.
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Teaser video - Another Turn Of The Screw - From the KING CD

Post 07 July 2017:

US iTunes link:


Post 06 July 2017:

Latest update on the KING CD shipping.
We start posting 18/07/2017
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Post 05 July 2017:


Nine New Thundering Heavy Metal Tracks!

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Post 04 July 2017:

KING - CD July 2017

Nine new Thundering Heavy Metal tracks!

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Teaser video - Another Turn Of The Screw - From the KING CD


Post 03 April 2017:


Post 02 March 2017:

Much has been going on @DA HQ over the last few months . . . Sales of the Desolation Angels 30th Anniversary  Debut Album are on going, and selling well. We would like to take this opportunity (public and wholesalers) to thank all those that have made a purchase thus far, a very big thumbs up to you all! Cheers!


Our next business: Is to get our new album out! (Which for the moment has a working title of 'KING') We have had some deal/offers come to us for the production, and management of the album, but as yet, nothing seems to suite. So we are still open to offers, and are currently in negations with a couple of record labels. However, it does seem to take ages in the toing and froing of information between all the parties involved. But still . . . needless to say though, our new album will, at some point be available this year. Keep checking back here, or check our Facebook page for updates.


Radio: We have secured and have 24-7 rotational airplay on US based 365 Radio, Boston Rock Radio, and UK based independent rock radio stations too. They are playing two tracks from our KING album: Another Turn Of The Screw, and Find Your Life. Also we are waiting to hear back from the BBC as to whether they will air the same two tracks? As we have already passed their first level of selection.


Finally, GIGS, or rather the lack of them! Only this one so far this year, December Sunday 3rd 2017 Hard Rock Hell (NWOBHM) Xmas Rocka 2 at the O2 Academy Sheffield. This is because of recording commitments last year, we have lost out on this years gigs and festivals. We are still scouting, and are on the lookout for more gigs this year. Once again, keep checking back here, or check our Facebook page for updates.


And finally, finally. The best part of being in a band, is the writing side of things. The creation of the new ideas, and it’s here that we come together. After all the actual stress of running an dependent band, and with all the ups and downs from doing just that day in and day out, we finally get space and time to do just that - WRITE! . . . The band is currently writing the next batch of future DA classics, with the intent of recording later in the year. We know it makes sense, and we know you do too, and it is this combination that keeps us going!


Rock on all, keep it HEAVY METAL!

More info coming very soon!


Post 01 New Year's Greeting To You All:

January 2017 will see the release of not one but two albums from Desolation Angels! First to be released will be a 30th anniversary edition of the highly acclaimed self titled, Desolation Angels album from 1986 including classic DA tracks such as Spirit of the Deep, Dance of the Demons and Valhalla, featuring founding band members Robin Brancher and Keith Sharp, guitars.


During 2016, the band worked with renowned top producer, Chris Tsangarides, resulting in a stunning album entitled ‘KING’. Comprising of nine brand new tracks, this album marks a different direction for the band. The new line up is completed with Clive Pearson (bass), Chris Takka (drums) and Paul Taylor (vocals) previously of Elixir and Midnight Messiah.


Check back here for more news and details on these MUST HAVE albums!


To order your copy NOW click the image below.
Desolation Angels 30th Anniversary Album,

Disc One:

Spirit Of The Deep

Evil Possessor


Unsung Hero

Death Machine

Wild Gypsy Woman

Dance Of The Demons

Angry Rain


Disc Two:

Live set recorded at the infamous

‘Ruskin Arms’ London 1983

Spirit of the deep

Unsung hero


Hounds of hell

No mercy

Death machine

Satan’s child

Angry rain




Vocals: Dave Wall

Guitars: Robin Brancher

Guitars: Keith Sharp

Bass Guitar: Joe Larner

Drums: Brett Robertson


Recorded at: Thameside Studios Rotherhithe

Produced by: Jerry Tilley & Desolation Angels

Engineered by: Steve Chapman

Airbrushed art by: Ken Ley (RIP)

Cover concept by: Desolation Angels


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