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Desolation Angels - Merry Christmas



Desolation Angels - Paul Chatfiled heart attack!


DA Band members and road-crew say: “Surprising and very shocking news, our thoughts are with Paul and his family for a speedy recovery.”


This week has been a mixed bag in the run up to the turkey stuffing hour. Cumulating aggressively in the sad news that our manager Paul Chatfiled suffered a heart attack earlier this week! As we understand he is doing well (as well as can be expected under the circumstances) and is being looked after by hospital staff as they run tests on him for the next few days. More news to follow as we get it in.


We have had a great year with the release of our EP, and some very cool gigs along the way too, so this news comes very much as a shock for the band and it’s crew. We wish him well and hopefully he will be home in time for the big day – All our thoughts are with Paul and his family.





Desolation Angels - Frenzy Fire Entertainment EP Review

Click here to buy the CD EP, and here for the Vinyl EP with Bonus track Enchanted Dreams (Sold Out)


Desolation Angels are a heavy metal band from London UK. Formed in 1981 releasing two albums before splitting in 1994.

Reforming in 2012, the band released a new EP. in 2014 and are set to tour the UK and Europe during 2015.


The new E.P. opens with the title song ‘Sweeter The Meat’ which is bombastic in its delivery and is a classic NWOBHM rollicking rock song. The twin guitar attack, powerful vocals and a pounding rhythm define this song. Close your eyes and you can almost smell the early eighties.


Is this E.P. a nostalgic trip back to the eighties you may ask! Not a chance, especially when ‘Metal Man’ kicks in. Full of thunderous,

foot stomping rhythms, this is an anthemic modern sounding song that will become a classic among die hard metal fans the world over. ‘Medusa’ is a slower, pounding, foot tapping song displaying mood and atmosphere showcasing the experience and talent this band have. A top notch romp.


Pace returns in overdrive with the power metal tinged ‘Archangel’ as it races and rattles to a conclusion through screaming guitars and a very catchy chorus. Surely a live favourite? Closing the EP. is the mid tempo, foot tapping ‘Set Your Spirit Free’, with its huge chunky riffs and memorable hooks. Classic NWOBHM!


Overall, bombastic, barnstorming NWOBHM proving that British heavy metal is alive. Sit up, stand up and take note!





Desolation Angels - Time for a little catch up from our man Clive Pearson


Hi All,

We had a rehearsal on Sunday and started writing new material for the upcoming 2015 EP release which spurred me on to write a quick post on this last year with Desolation Angels. To start at the end will perhaps be easier as after this year’s travels and excesses with Desolation Angels it has taken it toll on the memory cells me thinks lol?!!!

So........... last first, as recent events will have a lasting impression, and we hope it had the same effect for all those at The Malta Doom Metal Festival?! Desolation Angels all agree this was the best all round tour we have done since the new line up came to be..... the promoters were amazing and pulled out all the stops for us, from the hotel to the transport and finally the festival, it was f-ckin awesome thank you! We were treated so very well by the guys from Malta, we salute you DA Style! \M/ \M/

The Malta Doom Metal organisers were right on the button with all the logistics and staging a great festival. When we arrived at Malta airport they were there to greet us, cameras rolling and they then whisked us off to the hotel located right on the beach front! As we had not slept since what felt like the weekend and today was Thursday, we had to get ourselves sorted for the Warm Up Party with Archam Witch and Fangtooth, so luckily Joushua from Manilla Road (who also had not slept after Manilla Road missed their flight) had the vision of getting out the Tequila and after a few shots we were right up there in the mosh pitt getting right into the spirit of the weekend. What a way to start a festival......just wicked!

Woke up the next day, missed breakfast, but fortunately the bar was open downstairs, so after a very strong Bloody Mary with the guys, we were out for the day checking out the Maltese scenery! Sunshine, Sea, sand and amazing architecture, not top mention the amazingly beautiful Maltese girls, coupled with a few too many lagers, then off for the first night of the Festival.

The venue was at Chateau Buskett, which is a cool sort of Transylvanian Gothic Building deep in the centre of Malta, so perfect for a Doom Metal atmosphere!The first on many good bands ‘Mist’, kicked proceedings off and it was all a blur from then on ha ha?

Saturday was chilled just getting ready for the show that night, so after a long massage in the Hotel Spa we headed to the venue and rocked them in true DA NWOBHM style! The crowd were great and the show was awesome, we rocked them as they had rocked us with their support, what a show to top an amazing weekend, it was f-ckin awesome!

We met some great bands and dedicated metal fans at the Malta Doom Metal Festival, and I am there next year as a guest, special thanks to Noel Misfud, Albert Bell, Glen MaltaDoom, Manilla Road, Mist, Archam Witch and so many others, I could go on forever really, what an amazing festival, well worth the trip if any good rockin’ bands fancy it next year, get in touch with MDM via Facebook.

We had to leave the next day so we made sure we spent as much time in the bar as possible before heading home on a flight which was full of High School Netball teams returning from a Netball competition in Malta, so that sure made a very interesting and quick flight home to Blighty ha ha!

Thank you for entertaining us girls, you were great......

With all the gigs and recording we have done in 2014, Desolation Angels have moved up a gear in terms of where we are going and the renewed positive attitude we have as a band! With Takka and myself now really settled, Curly giving it loads on vocals, and Keith and Rob writing great song after great song full of those thunderous riffs we have all come to know and love, Desolation Angels are gonna be rocking on into 2015 and beyond!!!

We look forward to releasing our next record next year bringing you more and more of the Desolation Angels Heavy Metal Thunder!

See you all in 2015, have a Rawwwwking Christmas and New Year from all of the band,

Keep it metal,




Desolation Angels - Chainmail Media EP Review

Click here to buy the CD EP, and here for the Vinyl EP with Bonus track Enchanted Dreams (Sold Out)


London-based Desolation Angels have a great old school sound that they display to good effect on their new EP Sweeter The Meat. Full of high ranged vocals, tight rhythm section and mighty riffs, this is definitely worth a look-in for British Hard Rock/Metal fans.

Title track Sweeter The Meat opens up with an awesome 80s infused riff, with some nice pinch harmonics thrown in and some pounding drums too. This is a great start to the EP with a cool old-school chorus and solid songwriting.

Metal Man is one of my favourites, and this one has stuck in my head for a while! With an awesome riff that feels like old school NWOBHM, with lots of cool riffs, a good catchy chorus and some cool solos too! Medusa has a cool bass groove to kick things off, before slamming into a kind of Black Sabbath meets Queensryche tune that ought to get heads nodding live, with some nice guitar chords and a great overall feel to the track.

Archangel is another stellar track, with a nice energetic feel and some powerful riffs going on. The chorus is probably the best on the EP, with some great vocal harmonies and a great style. This is a really well written song with great playing overall and a tight unified sound.

Set Your Spirit Free finishes the EP, with more awesome riffage and focussed songwriting, with some great vocal moments towards the end too! This one is the longest (by three seconds) and features lots of different riffs and a cool solo too.

The production is pretty good, especially for an EP. Everything sounds very old school but with a bit more of a modern touch, the drums in particular sound fairly more modern. The guitars sound like they could have come from a late 80s record, and the vocals are pretty awesome too. The bass is very supportive and is felt more than heard on this one.

Overall, this is a very strong release, definitely worth checking out if you like the 80s, I certainly like it.

Check out Desolation Angels at



Desolation Angels - All things are cool within the DA camp . . . Tales of Malta to come soon . . .



Desolation Angels - Hi there all. It’s been a while since the last DA news bulletin. This is because most on the Desolation Angels news now takes place from our Facebook Page here at - Click this link and ‘Like’ our Desolation Angels FB Page. Cheers Rockers.



Desolation Angels - Calling all Hitch-onians Take note of a killer DA gig coming up!

Click here for full details . . .


20th September 2014

Tickets £6 on the door £5 in advance

Times 7.45 through 12.00

74 Whinbush Rd Hitchin SG5 1PZ

Event info: 01462 434801



Desolation Angels - Due to unforeseen circumstances Desolation Angels has had to cancel there gig at ‘Sonic Attack Rock Club’ at

The Fiddlers Elbow Camden on the 24th July 2014.

However special guests Sacrilege will now be headlining the event and carrying the Heavy Metal torch in our absence.



Desolation Angels - As of Friday 11th July 2014 a 1000 CDs will be in our hands, with a general release date of 18th July 2014

Click here for details



Desolation Angels - Desolation Angels NWOBHM biography update.



Desolation Angels - 2014/2015 updated gig listings.



Desolation Angels - Gig at The Lectern Psychofest Friday 15th August has been cancelled due to council noise restrictions and complaints. Real shame as we were looking forward to a rockin weekend what with the Carlisle gig in Hastings the day after. We are in talks with the venues promoter as to a possible rebooking in September. More on that as it comes in.



Update on the ‘Sweeter The Meat’ 5 track demo - Full story click here

Vocals all done. Magnificent effort by Mr Ian ‘Curly’ Davies! Such dedication to the cause.

Mixing done. A really long, long hot day but for the sound we now have, more that worth it!

Mastering to conclude Saturday 31st May. Then the promo packs will start to fly out of the DA HQ door . . .

‘The Reaper Is Gonna Get Cha!’



Desolation Angels gig at SONIC ATTACK ROCK CLUB + Special Guests Sacrilige will include a Desolation Angels T-Shirt give-away (3 or 4 at least? Come on down and take one!) Our new five track ‘Demo - Sweeter The Meat’ (If ready in time? - Of course it will be!) will be on sale exclusively for the FIRST time at SONIC ATTACK ROCK CLUB before it goes on general release. And, (now here’s a thing!) we will also have 15 original 2nd edition Valhalla/Boadicea singles on sale @ £19.99 (with free 30 year old dust heaped beautifully on top!!) It’s an intensely intimate club, with the band right with the audience. Close up, loud and sexy. Looking forward to this HOT HOT nite! Chin chin Devils x



Desolation Angels gig update



Desolation Angels to play


Saturday 21st June 2014



Desolation Angels to play


Friday 24th Saturday 25th October 2014



Desolation Angels Recording News - So Far - So GOOD - Yeah!



Desolation Angels Latest Gig News 2014



Desolation Angels recording dates are set for the 8th and 9th of March. Two days to get FIVE new tracks down in a demo form to be released as an iTunes downloads.


This is a great opportunity for us to finally get some new DA material out there (AND ABOUT TIME TOO! I hear the band and fans say!!) Man, if this all works out? Then we really will owe a huge thank you and $$ to all those involved at Coventry university. All names on the thank you list to follow on and around the recording time.


We are hoping to get some new photos of the band and maybe get a short live video together – plus there is talk of a fly-on-the-wall documentary? More on all this as it unfolds.


Keep the metal flag flying – Long live ROCK!



Happy ROCKIN NEW YEAR to all . . .


Rehearsals going well for new Desolation Angels tracks to be recorded mid March.

Hopefully six in all?

Working titles of:

01 - Arch Angel

02 - Medusa

03 - Set Your Spirit Free

04 - Sweeter the Meat

05 - Metal Man

06 - Living A lie

More updates as they come in.