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Desolation Angels to play the Metal Magic Festival Denmark



Two great gigs under our leather studded belts over the last month. Such a great time in Belgium and a real cool night at The Full Moon Dog Festival. Great to talk with Toledo Steel, Asomvel and Terry - Mr Pagan Altar himself.

Lots of on-the-road tips and gig advice, cheers there Terry.



Busy boys making good for the AGES OF METAL FESTIVAL Belgium - Rehearsals in full swing!



Due to ridiculous postage costs these days here in the UK we have had to (for now) close down our online shop.

There will however be a limited run of T-Shirts available at all gigs, along with a very limited stock of Gold and Black vinyl box sets.


T-Shirts @ £8.00 | Box Sets Black vinyl @ £35.00 | Box Sets Gold vinyl @ £40.00



Great news from Bart - AGES OF METAL festival Saturday 28th September Oostrozebeke Belgium is SOLD OUT!


Now lets do the same for FULL MOON DOG festival - Tickets and info are here at the Full Moon Dog site


The Full Moon Dog Festival is a rock festival created to honour the memory of our heavy metal brother,



It’s gonna be a great night of true HEAVY METAL THUNDER! Fourteen bands - BEER HEADBASHING AND BEER!

Can’t wait!



Desolation Angels will be appearing alongside Deep Machine as a double headliner with special guest Toledo Steel

At ‘The Unicorn Camden Live’ - Friday 1st November - 227 Camden Road NW1 9AA London United Kingdom

Please download the poster below and spread the word by emailing the link and poster on.

The gig is FREE entry! So get yourself there for a full on night of the heaviest of ROCK ‘n’ ROLL!

Cheer all and see ya there . . .



The Unicorn Camden Live Friday 1st November 227 Camden Road NW1 9AA London United Kingdom

Double headlining gig with Deep Machine - Desolation Angels - plus support. It’s going to be HEAVY,

Dammed HEAVY! . . . Heavier than destructively rampaging demon possessed bulldozers . . . YES, F***IN HEAVY!

More news of this awesome nuclear assault on the lug-holes to follow - click here for gig details. ROCK ON !



We are all set to do our two shows later this year.


Band lineup will consist of:

Ian Curly Davies (Vocals)

Chris Takka (Drums)

Clive Pearson (Bass Guitar)

Keith Sharp (Rhythm & lead guitar)

Robin Brancher (Rhythm & lead guitar)


The set list for the two shows will be:

Spirit Of The Deep


Dance Of The Demon

Edge Of Darkness

Power Hungry

Only Time Will Tell

Evil Possessor



When A world Dies


It’s all been a mind blowing experience of late trying not to let our promoters down and just trying to continue as a band. It’s completely crazy sometimes this changeable, volatile, unpredictable, variable, fluctuating, unsteady, tottering on the edge of madness world that is the music business! But thankfully we have come through this massive hiccup and are ready now.

Ready now - Yes, you know . . . READY NOW TO - RAWWWWWWK!!


We are back on track and looking forward to both festivals - catch you there for beers and beers and more damned BEERS! Cheers.



Thunderours Backline Rig And The Trip Out To Marshall HQ!



Hi there all - Finally we have our DA computer back up and running again, (The steam driven one with the coal fired boiler, OS Homefire Ovals 0.0.0 ) and we can now update our website. Gee it’s been a real hassle without the dammed thing!



First up are two gigs later in the year. One in Belgium and one in Leeds UK.



Next up is bass player news

Please welcome Clive aboard and into the unhinged world that is Desolation Angels heavy metal riff making machine.

Clive replaces Neil who for reasons of his own decided to call it a day, sad but true . . . Neil however (and thankfully too) did stay on to finish all his commitments with us and then finally bowed out after our Hammer Of Doom festival appearance last year in Germany.


All though it came as a shock to us when Neil announced his withdrawal from DA, Clive comes to us as an ample replacement, a real gem of a find in fact. Neil will be missed, wit, humor and of course colossal backline rig! Cheers to you mate and all the best to you and your Rock n Roll quest.

Click here for full Clive introduction DA blog styley . . .


New photo shoot and (hopefully?) recordings coming soon too!

Check back here for farther updates

See you out there - Cheers