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The Bull & Gate Kentish Town Saturday 27th October 2012

Hammer Of Doom Festival Würzburg Germany Friday November 9th 2012


Both gigs went really well for us - fantastic crowds at both gigs . . .

The German after party (booze up!) was great. Cheers to the guy on the front stall with all the free JD - Man you sure do pour out large measures to a glass . . . like half pint measures! ‘Laugh out loud’

Great to meet and share a beer with so many new fans, thanks to Neudi Neuderth from ‘’ and Oliver ‘Hammer Of Doom’ . . . (what happened to our breakfast at the hotel?! - You owe us smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and chips* next time dude!)

But as ever you battle on through life without chips, and steer yourself boozenancially (care of Urban dictionary) through the haze and madness of gigging, and I’m glad we did too, because the outcome was tremendous and the response from the crowd was awesome - and subsequently made the whole gig and rest of the night really worthwhile.

So a big thank you to you guys in the audience


Meanwhile back in jolly ol blighty the Bull & Gate gig truly went down a storm - a fantastic night and return to the Rock ‘n’ Roll stage for us that really did boost our confidence ahead of the Doom festival in Germany.

There was a great mix up at the beginning of the show before we went on (how we all laughed) . . . Keith in underpants* only stage gear shock horror!! Funny as you like - but man, the night RAWWWKED! Cheers to all that turned out.

Big thanks to James and Miika for putting on the business of a gig.

One thing though guys? Please make the rider beers cold next time!!



Chips, because we are a ROCK band from London England and don’t go anywhere without CHIPS!!

Leather underpants with studs in - well of course darling!!!