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Desolation Angels Gig History

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Saturday 20th January | O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON (UK)

Friday 24th June | The Unicorn (UK)

Saturday 30th July | Headbangers Open Air Festival (Germany)

Saturday 13th August | The Borderline (UK)

Thursday 29th September | Titans Club (Belgium)

Friday 30th September | B52 Club (Belgium)

Saturday 1st October | The Moonlight Music Hall (Belgium)

Sunday 2nd October | De Meister (Netherlands)



Sunday 7th June |AU GIBUS CAFÉ (Paris, France)

Saturday 27th June | GARAGE DAYZ RE-VISITED (UK)

Saturday 24th October | PLAY IT LOUD FESTIVAL (Brescia, Italy)

Thursday 3 December | O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON (UK)

Saturday 19th December | THE CARLISLE (UK)



Friday 28th March | THE TALKING HEADS (UK)

Saturday 21st June | IRON HORSE (UK)

Saturday 12th July | METAL MAGIC FESTIVAL (Denmark)

Saturday 16th August | THE CARLISLE (UK)

Saturday 20th September | CLUB 85 (UK)

Saturday 25 October | THE MALTA DOOM METAL FESTIVAL (Malta)



Friday 1st November | THE UNICORN (UK)

Saturday 12th October | FULL MOON DOG FESTIVAL (UK)

Saturday 28th September | AGES OF METAL FESTIVAL (Belgium)



Friday 9th November | HAMMER OF DOOM FESTIVAL (Germany)

Saturday 27th October | The Bull & Gate (UK)